Lost Penny originally formed as a duo with Erin Dahlby on mandolin and Nadine on guitar. They first met at a local bluegrass jam in Estes Park, Colorado.  Nadine had been performing solo as a singer-songwriter, and Erin had been performing in a 3-piece bluegrass band. When by chance of circumstances they were playing the same venue, Nadine spontaneously invited Erin to sit in with her.  They quickly discovered they had a compatible drive and passion to make music, and that the timbre of their voices blended well. Today, Lost Penny includes Joey Purmont on banjo, Derek Ray Kirkman on bass, and Caitlin Anderson on fiddle, making up a fun and energetic 5-piece band.

Their original songs are clever and sometimes poignant, and their arrangements of covers are fresh. Their music is harmony-focused americana, bluegrass and country, but if you ask them what kind of music they play, there will be a long pause, because they don't like to be boxed in. They are free-range and prone to sing about dogs and Elvis. 

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